SOUTH Ayrshire Council have detailed how one of their key projects in protecting the environment has improved over the years.

The local authority has been using electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids for around eight years in a bid to reduce its carbon footprint.

The council has been running electric cars since 2012 and they now have a fleet of 37 electric and hybrid vehicles.

These have been funded by Transport Scotland as they assist in working towards the government’s commitment to have zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2045.

In a council statement, they claimed that the vehicles, which initially had a limited range of around 50 miles, can now cover an impressive 170 miles on one charge.

In July 2017, the local authority say that a diesel van was replaced with an electric version which had led to a saving of £863.44 per year since.

Councillor Ian Cochrane said: “This underlines our commitment to use electric and hybrid vehicles to cut air pollution.

“The impact of these vehicles is truly startling, not only in terms of carbon reduction but in savings on fuel and running costs.