ANGRY Barassie residents have forced a council u-turn on plans to provide new parking space for station users alongside a popular play park.

Around 50 people from the area vented their frustrations at the proposals which would have seen 16 spaces provided between Hillhouse Road and Adams Gate, where the children’s facility is located.

Mum Carrie McDonald, who lives in Links Crescent, was very opposed to the plans.

She said at Troon Community Council last Tuesday: “I have two young children who like to cycle in that play park and they were taught to cycle there. We feel really strongly about this and you can’t keep pushing the problem away.”

Added Sandra Ronnie: “The play park was a designated area which is to be used for the children.

“ It has been used less and less but it’s worse for the children. If there were more people parked there, a child carrying a football could run out and easily be hit by a car.”

A Hillhouse Road resident said: “On a regular basis without exception on a Sunday cars are parked over driveways and up on to the pavement. Trying to get access in and out of your own driveway is like taking your life in your hands. Someone will end up getting seriously injured as a result of this.”

Added another resident: “The solution suggested is to take the problem from the Hillhouse Road side which is a wide road and out take them to Adams Gate and links Crescent area. You would have to appoint traffic warden when spaces are filled to turn cars away. What if another 25 came.

Added a resident: “Climate change must be considered as you are asking motorists to make the shortest journeys which cause the maximum amount of C02 emissions.” John Sawers of Adams Court commented: “People are parking illegally and on pavements. We vehemently oppose this you will have a divided community. Resident Alan Cunningham suggested running electric buses around the estate.

Councillors agreed to tell officers not go ahead with proposals.

Councillor Philip Saxton said: “We have to listen to the residents who don’t want the parking spaces so they won’t go ahead. Now we will have more discussions.”