OUTRAGED Troon residents have voiced their anger at widespread problems caused by the installation of a new cycle path on their street.

Ayrshire Roads Alliance (ARA) are co-ordinating the project, which has left residents claim the road was “dangerous” and there could be an accident at a meeting of Troon Community Council in the Walker Hall last Tuesday.

Community Councillor Robert Milligan said: “We had ARA along to show us the cycle path and it looked lovely on the screen. You’re taking one and a half roads and turning it into one road. You get about 10 yards of wide road then the corner throws you out.

This not suiting the residents of Harling Drive and you have to listen to them.” Another resident said it was “an accident waiting to happen” and “dangerous”.

Resident Jeanette Docherty added: “It’s fascinating to see they are putting seats along the path so that people can sit and look at the golf course.

“Who is going to sit with their back on a road and cyclists in front. The road is destroyed and driving on it is terrible.”

Murray Mathieson, who also lives in Harling Drive said in a letter: “Cycling in Harling Drive is a good thing if you want to improve health and potentially reduce traffic.

“However a project like this must be carried out with proper consultation and due regard to safety. I was surprised and concerned the works commenced without any consultation at all with the residents.”

Ayrshire Roads Alliance interim head of roads Kevin Braidwood agreed to take away the build-outs from the cycle path, which included street furniture and trees. He will also meet residents’ representatives.