SUSPICIOUS people have been lurking around neighbourhoods in the early hours of the morning, police have reported.

Sergeant Dean Barlas revealed the development at last Tuesday’s meeting of Troon Community Council,

He said: “There have been huge numbers of reports of suspicious people going around in the dark hours after 9pm and even 5am.

“People have been phoning and telling us they have been skulking around driveways although there have been very few reports of actual thefts or any damage to property.

“A drunk person once phoned us about this but there have been quite a few other calls.

“We have concerns about this.”

Police also revealed they were already putting plans in place for the 2023 Open Championship at Royal Troon along with the 2020 AIG Women’s British Open which is being played at the same venue in August.

Both are expected to attract bumper crowds to the town with golf hugely popular in the area.

The police will also be drafted in to help police Euro 2020 fixtures involving the Scottish football team. This will take some of them away from the community.