A TV political debate programme is returning to town and is looking for audience members.

BBC Scotland’s Debate Night, hosted by Stephen Jardine, will be filmed in Ayr on Wednesday, March 4.

The show’s studio audience determine the questions put to the panel and the direction of the programme.

The panel is made up of those involved in the running of the country and prominent public figures.

Mr Jardine said: “I’m really looking forward to bringing Debate Night back to Ayr.

“The show is a great chance for local people to put their questions straight to our politicians, and given how much has happened since we were first there in October, there’s certainly plenty to discuss.

“Whether you have a question about independence, the NHS, schools, climate change, the EU or any other issues affecting your family, we want you to apply and be part of the discussion.”

The show came to Ayr on October 9 last year.

It then went on a break for the General Election in December, but is returning for the last four episodes of its first series.

Recording will take place between 8pm and 9pm and will then be broadcast on the BBC Scotland channel at 10.30pm that night.

To apply to be audience, visit bbc.co.uk/debatenight and click ‘join the audience’.