An Ayr United fan site catfish pervert has been caged and placed on the Sex Offenders' Register for life - for grooming and abusing a vulnerable teen so badly the youngster wanted to take his own life.

Stephen Cannon, of York Street Lane, Ayr, claimed his name was Stephen Bryan as he groomed the 18-year-old victim through Facebook.

By using the fake name, Cannon was able to hide the fact he was already a registered sex offender, who was caged in 2015 for trying to rape a 15-year-old boy.

And Cannon was slammed by a judge this week as he was locked up for his abuse of his latest victim, who has the maturity level of a 12 or 13-year-old. 

And it was only once the latest victim had gone to police about "Bryan" that Cannon's true identity was revealed to his victim. 

The latest catalogue of abuse was committed after he was released from jail over the attempted rape of the other youngster.

Cannon, formerly of James Street, Dalry, sent a friend request to the teen under the name of Stephen Bryan, and began pestering him every day.

Cannon private messaged him, inviting him for a drink, after the boy turned 18, and the victim travelled to Ayr by train.

Cannon took him back to his home - locking the door and closing all the curtains and blinds once they were in the upstairs flat.

The pervert made advances towards the teenager, squeezing his bottom and asking if he wanted to go to bed with him - before holding his victim's hand and trying to kiss him.

A few weeks later, the pair met up again, and Cannon touched the boy over his clothing and tried to kiss him again - before saying the youngster was not allowed to leave without giving him a kiss.

Callous Cannon then walked the youngster to the train station and told him to keep the abuse a secret.

The situation left the youngster feeling disgusted with himself - and contemplating suicide.

Cannon also added the boy's mum as a friend on Facebook, and sent her messages saying her son was "the best friend I've ever had."

But, in reality, he saw the boy as someone he could abuse for his own sexual gratification, and would call and message him at all hours of the day.

One night the boy cried "uncontrollably" in his room after he'd been with Cannon, who had touched him over his clothing, tried to kiss him and repeatedly touched his bottom.

The youngster later broke down, after being confronted by his mum about Cannon, and he was so overcome with emotion it took him two days to provide his statement to police.

Officers were then able to advise the youngster that "Stephen Bryan" was in fact Stephen Cannon.

The 32-year-old admitted his guilt at Ayr Sheriff Court last month and returned to the dock this week to learn his fate.

Defence solicitor Brian Bell said Cannon was a "socially isolated" individual who knew he would be receiving a prison sentence, in light of his previous conviction for the attempted rape of the other teen.

But he added: "He has to take advantage of whatever opportunities there are in the prison system to try and mend his ways, and cope better upon his eventual release.

"Something has to be done to stop him becoming something of a revolving door - in and out of prison."

Sheriff Colin Dunipace slammed Cannon for his conduct - and locked him up.

As he caged him for 22 months, reduced from 30, as he admitted his guilt, and backdated the sentence to September, when he was first remanded in custody, he said: "This is an extremely troubling case.

"You identified a young man, and you clearly knew he was vulnerable.

"You then started to abuse him and continued in the abuse.

"His Victim Impact Statement made extremely troubling reading.

"The impact your behaviour has had on this young man and the rest of his family is immeasurable.

"There's only one possible outcome - and that is the imposition of a substantial custodial sentence."

He also told Cannon he will be supervised by social workers for three years upon his release from prison, placed him on the Sex Offenders' Register for life, and made him the subject of a Sex Offenders Prevention Order (SOPO).

The SOPO bans him from having unsupervised contact with children or  deleting or disguising his internet history for the next five years.