ORGANISERS of the popular Airshow have hit back at the council for pulling funding on their largest event yet. 

The Scottish International Airshow (TSIA) strongly refuted claims that they breached their contract over council grants.

Organisers have claimed they were left shut out of talks where councillors decided to terminate funding grants -despite requesting to attend the meeting.

It comes after TSIA was plunged into crisis after South Ayrshire Council announced they will terminate funding. 

The row broke out after £80,000 was paid to organisers in error. 

Council cheifs have instructed the funds are paid to third parties from the shows 2018 event. 

SAC fired a warning that they will 'instruct' officers so serve a termination notice on their grant funding after TSIA breached an agreement.

However defianet orgainsers say they are still planning the biggest ever Airshow to be held in Scotland, with over 200,000 expected to attend.

A spokesperson from TSIA said: “There are reports today that South Ayrshire Councillors have decided to stop funding the Airshow. We know that all the Councillors were meeting today, and we asked to attend that meeting. We did not get a reply and nobody has been in touch with us.

“We have always had a great relationship with South Ayrshire Council and their support is vital to running this huge free event. There is an allegation that the Airshow breached the contract with the Council. The Airshow have given a full and detailed explanation of the situation and no breach of contract exists.

“The aeroplanes are booked, the hotels are booked and the Airshow is ready to go. The three-day Airshow is planned to be the biggest ever held in Scotland. Over 200,000 people are expected to attend over the weekend and it is worth many millions of pounds to Ayrshire businesses large and small.”

“We are waiting for an explanation from the Councillors or their staff and we won't make any comments until someone explains what the Councillors have decided.”

A spokesperson for South Ayrshire Council said: "South Ayrshire Council do not run the Scottish International Airshow, we simply provide grant funding under an agreement with the organisers. The organisers have breached a number of terms of this agreement and were given the opportunity to rectify these, but failed to do so."