A WOMAN whose dog was ‘puking up blood’ has told how miracle blood donors from two other canines saved her pet’s life.

Kasper was violently sick after a suspected chemical poisoning from a detergent which burned through the poor animal’s intestines, causing severe sickness and internal bleeding.

Ayr Advertiser:

His owner Emily Devine was convinced she was taking him to the vets for the last time as she rushed to a surgery in Maybole at 4am.

When the nine-year-old bull terrier arrived, vets were alarmed to see traces of blood in Kasper’s vomit and were concerned that the dog was beginning to become anaemic as he grew weaker.

Vets sent him home after giving him a drug to stop the sickness but he returned at 9am in a far worse state, when Megan, the vet on call, decided he’d need a blood transfusion.

One the students who had been working at the practice volunteered her dog to see if it was a match for poor Kasper which was crucial to saving his life.

Megan at County Vets told the Advertiser: “When they brought him in there was blood in his vomit. It was horrible, there were huge big thick blood clots, and his gut lining was damaged as well.

“He wasn’t doing any better when they brought him back. We suspected that he was losing blood internally through his gut.”

A brave dog Dee, owned by a local student who was working with the vets stepped in to help save Kasper in his darkest hour.

“We ended up just keeping him in for tests just to make sure there wasn’t anything stuck. We ended up having to give him a blood transfusion because he was becoming more and more anaemic.”

“A local girl came in with her Labrador Dee and we took some blood off of Dee and we then gave it to Kasper. He seemed to be much brighter within himself.”

But Kasper wasn’t out of the woods yet, as he had to be referred to Glasgow at an animal hospital where he spent 27 hours and had a second blood transfusion, before being allowed to return home.

Emily said: “I thought he was going to die 100 per cent, I thought I’d put him into the vets and never see him again. To look at him today, you’d never think he’d get back to normal, it’s a miracle.It’s amazing how County Vets were able to get him a donor.”