AN AYR man who caused a rammy at a hospital after committing a host of driving offences could be caged over his illegal antics.

Stephen James Hay broke the law on numerous occasions on November 17 last year, the town’s sheriff court heard last week.

Hay, 38, drove dangerously in the town’s Holmston Road by performing a u-turn in the van he was driving.

The Citroen Berlingo he was driving smashed into another vehicle, causing damage to the vehicle.

Hay was unfit to drive through drink or drugs at the time, and, after being involed in an accident, he failed to stop at the scene and provide his details to anyone requiring them.

And, whilst at Ayr Hospital, he failed to allow police to obtain a blood sample - before losing the plot with hospital staff, by shouting and swearing.

Hay pleaded guilty to five charges - in exchange for two others being dropped.

He admitted dangerous driving, failing to provide his details, being unfit to drive through drink or drugs, failing to provide a blood sample and behaving in a threatening or abusive way.

Sheriff Paul Macfarlane QC did not ask Procurator Fiscal Depute Scott Toal to narrate the facts of the case in court.

The judge banned Hay from driving, called for background reports to be prepared ahead of sentencing, and continued Hay’s bail - while suggesting he could be caged for the offences.

As he adjourned the case until next month, he said to Hay’s lawyer: “In light of the fact he’s not been in trouble since 2013, I’m prepared to continue his status until the next occasion.”