A POPULAR Ayr nightclub is set to re-open tonight with a new look. 

Madisons has been transformed to accomdate live music from bands and new bars have been added to complete the makeover. 

The well-known weekender spot is now under new ownership , with former owner Mariea Mohan still playing a key role within the club. 

Ayrshire enterpreanuers team James Bunten and Tracey McGregor have come in as new owners, with a view to bringing in more bands. 

Design staff have been working tiredlessly for weeks getting the club ready for this weekends grand opening. 

A new shooter bar, specialising in flavoured shots and vodka will be one the highlights, with a second bar specialising in gin, champagne and whisky. 

And for the first time ever, beer lovers will be able to enjoy a fresh pint in Madisons, as a bar with taps has been added. 

Mariea has told of her excitement to re-launch Madisons and joked she'll have to learn how to pour the perfect pint when punters arrive this weekend. 

She said: "I am genuinely so excited about it, I’m excited to be working weekends again."

"We have been working non-stop. We changed the bars, got a brand-new bar down at the bottom which is a shot and vodka bar.

"There’s a Gin Whiskey and Champagne bar. And we’ve now got taps for the first time to serve pints of different beer."

Madisons will re-open tonight with a Galentine's themed party which will feature resident DJ Mark Jewell and live band Arizona. 

Tomorrow will see an over 50s discos before band Waterfornt play and then a Valentine's party. 

On Saturday is the Battle of the DJ hosted by Mark Jewell with new local DJs getting their chance to shine at the club. 

Tuesday will see the return of the hugely popular Seen and Unseen disabilities parties.