IT’S over 50 years since the Moon Landings.

But there is still much to learn about it.

The Royal Scottish Geographical Society is giving Ayr natives opportunity to do just that with a special presentation from a moon expert.

Professor Mahesh Anand will speaking to those in the town as part of the RSGS’s ‘Inspiring People’ talks programme.

The space guru is an expert from the School of Physical Sciences at the Open University.

He will discuss how the moon is becoming a favourite target for established and emerging space-faring nations on Wednesday, September 26 at the town hall.

Speaking on the event, Prof. Anand said: “I am really looking forward to sharing the scientific knowledge derived from my research with the widest cross-section of the community.

“With my talk ‘Living on the Moon’ I will describe the progress we have made over the past 50 years in Lunar Science, and discuss why the Moon is the ideal place for establishing longer-term human presence in order to explore the deeper parts of our Solar System.

“I hope that the audience will be inspired by realising that ‘Space’ is for all – and everyone has a contribution to make.

“These talks will assume even greater significance because of Neil Armstrong’s ancestral link to Langholm in Scotland – and, of course, the RSGS.”

Tickets cost £10, with the event starting at 7.30pm.

Meanwhile, Mike Robertson, RSGS chief executive, added: “Since our inception in 1884, the RSGS has been a strong promoter of research and exploration in space, as discoveries in space inform our understanding of the geographies that exist on Earth.

“Neil Armstrong has spoken for us, as have Piers Sellers, and Helen Sharman, the first female British astronaut.

“We’re looking forward to this talk later in the year.”