THE Gaiety’s Creative Learning present ‘Open Your Lugs’ a series of plays, factual radio and poems by the young people of South Ayrshire.

Members of the Creative Learning team are currently creating recorded content for a youth-led live podcast, which will be broadcast from the Ayr Gaiety Mainstage on Monday. February 17, at 7pm and will be presented by young people from all over South Ayrshire. For this project, they have been working with young people in rurally isolated communities, SIMD 1 and 2 areas, Southcraig ASN, Invergarven ASN, Barnardos, Ayrshire College, UWS and the South Ayrshire Champion’s Board.

This project runs more than seven weekly workshops and provides around 150 creative opportunities per week. As a legacy to the project, they will also create a series of downloadable podcasts.

This live podcast will be broadcast from The Gaiety’s main auditorium and will be presented by young people from all over the region, showcasing local talent and exploring the issue of mental health in South Ayrshire.

After the project, the recording will be available as a series of downloadable podcasts.

As this event is free, donations are welcome to help continue the Creative Learning projects of the future.