A WORRIED Troon woman claims the town’s “disgraceful pavements” are an accident waiting to happen.

Troon Community Councillor Erica Williamson insists urgent action is needed to tackle the problem.

She said: “I was in the town the other night under the new street lighting with a lady who was not particularly steady on her feet.

“Had I not been there she would have fallen flat on her face.

“The pavements really are a disgrace.

“The council have gone to the expense of resurfacing the roads in the town and that is wonderful.

“They have a done a good job.

“But we are being let down by the conditions of the pavements, they are dreadful.

“They are an accident waiting to happen.

“If you imagine you are someone in the the semi/dark then that is what the street lights are giving off.

“One of the ladies in the sewing group fell outside what was the Clydesdale Bank and the only thing that stopped her landing on the road was the post that holds the traffic lights together.

“She had a big cut, two black eyes and also stitches on her nose.

“That was caused by the pavement.”

Councillor Bob Pollock admitted SAC were working hard to maintain amenities within the town but were restricted by budgets.

However he admitted the costs involved meant nothing could be perfect.

He said: “All the roads and footpaths are assessed annually and that prioritises the work which is done.

“To bring the roads in South Ayrshire to an acceptable standard costs £50m and the budget is £2.5 million.

“More work will be done in the next financial year.”