A MUM feared for her life after a man wearing a terrifying skull mask tried to enter her house before she went to get her kids up.

Naima Williamson was about to get two young children ready for nursery and school at 7.20am this morning, in the Belmont area of Ayr.

The mum-of-two described the scene she faced as ‘something out of a horror film’ as she found a man wearing a skull mask at her door who has threatened to return.

At first, she thought the door could be her mum who lives nearby and sometimes looks after her kids.

She even thought for a split second that the man could be her brother playing a bizarre prank, but she soon realised the masked stranger was a threat to her and her kids.

Petrified Naima told the Advertiser: “It was 7.20am and I was up ready for work. If it was five minutes later, I would have been waking my kids up.

“He pressed the doorbell, there was this man with a scary skull mask on, he was built like my brother and for a split second I thought it was him.

“I couldn’t make out what the guy said when he spoke. I told him my kids are in the house and then he grabbed the door “I thought he was going to break the door open, he tried to get in the door, but I just shut the door and phoned 999. I went into protection mode thinking of my kids. He just stood there and said he’ll be back.”

Naima feared the stranger was going to force his way in and that she would have to ‘fight him’.

The mum was alone at the time, after her husband had already left from work.

She has told how she planned to run up to the top of the stairs and grab a vase in order to protect her kids.

Naima said: “It was like a horror movie. I thought this guy’s going to kill me. I just wanted to get to top of my stairs to give myself a better chance of protecting my kids. I thought about grabbing this glass vase, and thought I’m going to have to fight this man myself.”

Naima is worried for her own safety in the area she grew up in.

And she wants police to do everything they can to make sure the masked man on the loose is caught.

She added: “I don’t want them going to anyone else’s house. This guy needs to be caught.”

The man is described as wearing grey jacket and black trousers, with the mask a wool appearance with teeth, white eyes.

A spokesperson for Police Scotland told the Advertiser: "

"Police were called around 7.30 on Thursday, February 6 to a report of a man trying to gain entry to a house in Annfield Glen Road, Ayr. Officers attended and searched the area for the man responsible, however there was no trace. Advice was given to the reporter."