RESIDENTS in Ayrshire have been seeking help to quit smoking for good thanks to local health support.

Quit Your Way, is the free NHS stop smoking service which is helping people lead healthier lives.

Expert advice is supporting people whether they are ready to quit, or would like to cut down the amount of cigarettes they are having to eventually become smoke free.

It is known that someone is twice as likely to successfully quit smoking with additional support. Other methods such as nicotine patches can also increase your chances, with people who use a stop smoking product four times more likely to successfully give it up.

An Ayr smoker, Lindsay Johnston received help to quit for good thanks to his local Tam’s Brig clinic.

Lindsay who started the habit when he was 12, had been trying to improve his overall health and knew that stopping smoking would help him achieve his goals.

He said: “I have now stopped smoking for three months with support from my advisor and by using the nicotine spray. I still get the odd pang but I am coping.

“I started smoking when I was 12 and this is the longest I have stopped for. I am feeling great and feel the benefit both at the gym and in my pocket.”

Quit Your Way offers free support and stop smoking products, and has three different service options for you to choose from: drop in sessions; individual support; or pharmacy support.

If you would like to quit with the help of our Quit Your Way team, please call our free phone helpline on 0800 783 9132 for any enquiries or visit the smoking pages at