A DEADLY virus that affects dogs has been detected in a canine in South Ayrshire.

The parvovirus which attacks the animal’s intestines leading to severe sickness and diarrhoea has been confirmed in a young dog in Coylton. 

The infected dog is known to have spent time in Ayr and Prestwick. 

Dog owners have been warned to check symptoms after the rare case was spotted, the first to be seen for 12 years.

Mainshill Veterinary Centre in Coylton have urged owners to look out for lethargy, loss of appetite, diarrhoea and vomiting.

In a post on their Facebook they advised “parvo is a particularly nasty illness”.

According to PDSA dogs can be struck down the illness if they come into contact with an infected dog, or from an infected dog that has touched contaminated dog poo, area of grass, lead, food bowl or bedding.

Humans can also transfer the infection from one dog to another via their clothes or hands.

The virus can also survive in its environment for a whole year, so the risk of infection can last a long time.

The virus is one the diseases included in dog’s vaccination, but owners are urged to be vigilant as vaccines do not protect your dog 100% against any disease.

Mainshill Vets post also read: “All dogs are at risk although very young dogs, elderly dogs & dogs with underlying health conditions are more at risk to contracting it.

“We hope we do not see any more cases of parvovirus, however please be vigilant in puppies that are not fully vaccinated or in dogs whose vaccinations have lapsed.”