A DISABLED woman wants to find the mystery hero who pushed her broken down wheelchair up a hill so she could catch her train.

Helen Jensen was rushing to Prestwick station to head home after a dentist appointment, but disaster struck as her electrically powered wheelchair froze to a halt as the rain battered down.

But a young woman leapt into action to rescue the 66-year-old – she turned her wheelchair to manual and pushed her up the steep hill to the station.

Helen who has used a wheelchair for seven years, was ‘panicking’ and in ‘tears’ as she feared she would end up stuck in rain, before the woman took action to help her.

She said: “The rain was so heavy, my wheelchair just stopped at the very start of the hill it’s a steep incline up there.

A young woman who was trying to rush up to get out the rain asked if I was okay. She put it on manual and pushed it up the hill, it was a real struggle. It’s a big heavy wheelchair”, Helen joked, “I’m not lightweight either.

“I was panicking, the train was due in, I was worried I wouldn’t get on the train. It all happened so quick.”

“I just kept saying thank you I don’t know what I would have done, I was in tears. I really felt for the girl, the rain, you could hear her struggling she just kept going. Not many people would do that. She’s a hero.”

Helen, who is from Irvine, was able to get her train, but the woman who stepped in to ensure she wasn’t stranded got on another carriage.

Now she is desperate to find out who the woman was, to thank her.

Helen’s daughter Lisa shared a post on Facebook which has been shared over 600 times, as people search for the mystery woman who is described as in her 30s.

Helen added: “We want to try and get in touch with her.

“She’s went to another carriage on the train. I couldn’t get to her. I never got her name, I would just like to thank her, to send her something.”

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