ANGRY Troon residents were left in the dark at Christmas due to huge lighting problems.

Community Councillor Anne Cameron said last Tuesday: “The most haphazard of job you ever saw was done in the Laburnum Grove area since October. We ended up with access to 10 houses was left in darkness for five days as they took away the light that was working before they connected the new one, it was horrendous.

"There are three streets where the lights are all on one side of the road, the pavement, the road and car parking area is pitch black.

"On the Friday of Christmas week it was so bad I had to take a torch out to take my bin out and had I not had that I would have gone straight into the bins. That is how bad it was, something has got to be done. It’s dangerous.”

Councillor Bob Pollock promised to take up the matter with Ayrshire Roads Alliance.

He also revealed they were in discussion with Ayrshire Roads Alliance to consider proposals from the Community Council to provide some lighting for the unlit path near Marr College.

However Muirhead Community Association chairwoman Frances Carson said it was worth waiting to make sure they got the proper lights.