A TROON lad has vowed to keep helping the homeless this year after his successful campaign to donate warm clothes.

Gary Sharman, 27 ended 2019 by rounding off his winter mission to ‘Never Give Up’.

The campaign inspired through his year of running and willingness to help those in need saw hundreds of people from across Ayrshire get in touch to make donations.

We told how Gary received bags of warm clothing which he intended to help homeless people across Ayrshire and in Glasgow, sleeping rough in the cold this winter.

Just before Christmas Gary made his special delivery to the Halliday Foundation in Glasgow where kind volunteers visit those less fortunate in the streets and offer them food, support and clothing.

And he also visited centres closer to home with donations dropped into SeaScape and home-baking, made by another kind individual taken to a homeless shelter in Troon.

Now he’s set his sights on starting 2020 by continuing his effort to help more homeless people.

He told the Advertiser: “I’m planning on doing a lot more myself, it’s not just stopping because of Christmas being over. I’m looking to do even more in January

“I’m still getting hundreds of messages from people saying they’ve got clothes to donate.

“It was mainly to do with the Halliday foundation that it is called they play a bit part in Glasgow, we basically just went up to Glasgow and met a lot of the guys who were in charge of that and just handed out bags and bags of clothes.

“They are the ones who go out all round the streets and give things out to the homeless, and they have a centre where people can go to.

“They really appreciated it big time. It sounds silly but it was as if I was landing too much stuff on them at the one time

“There is a homeless unit in Troon where people who have had come into a bit of trouble are staying we literally took all the home-baking in there and it was all scoffed within half an hour.”

Now Gary hopes to spend time with homeless people in Glasgow to understand more about their situation.

And he hopes just because the festive season is over, it doesn’t mean people can still help out.

He added: “That was the thing I am most passionate about -  I actually want to go out and meet them.

“January is usually the worst month for weather, it’s still winter and it’s still important I want to do what I can.”