AN AMAZING community effort helped a charity buy a brand new car after their old one broke down just before Christmas.

Ayrshire Women’s Hub were blown away by the generosity shown from two Cumnock mechanic’s as they provided them with a new set wheels to help them provide essentials to hundreds of families in need.

The old car broke down just before the Hub were set to provide presents, food and help struggling parents ahead of Christmas.

Staff at the Hub were left ‘frantic’ and worried how they were going to provide their vital service, before one of them got in touch with their dad who runs an MOT centre in Cumnock.

But rather than fix the motor, they did the next best thing and sourced a new one.

Delighted founder of the Hub Angie McPike told the Advertiser: “The Hub had gotten itself a wee car, it was a bit of a banger.

“We did need to have something that could pick up furniture, help move families but it broke down on us, it was so old.

“We knew Christmas was coming up and we were frantic thinking ‘oh no what are we going to do’, we had families we had to get food out to.

“One of the girls contacted her dad, who runs an MOT Centre in Cumnock to see if he could fix the car.

“I was in Glasgow at a funding meeting where she called me to say my dad has a new car for you, I could not believe it. Another colleague at Shennan motorsport donated the vehicle to us, her dad serviced the car, got new

tyres on it.”

“That car delivered to over 260 families, we were able to move a family and all the stuff to their new home. It’s that kind of generosity that helps us so much.”

The car was donated thanks to Ayrshire Independent MOT and Shennan Motorsport.