AN AYR nightclub owner on holiday in Australia has helped support people affected by the deadly wildfires spread across the country.

Mareia Mohan says she could smell the bur ning fires surrounding Sydney when she stepped off the plane last week.

Ayr Advertiser:

The owner of Madison’s arrived to the ongoing disaster as she began her three week holiday visiting her sister.

With the intense inferno only just two hours away from Australia’s biggest city, Mareia took a break from her holiday to help the devastated families who have lost their homes, support firefighters tackling the flames and try help the millions of injured animals lucky to survive the deadly fires.

A Just Giving page was set up to raise £200 after speaking with some friends who are nurses in nearby suburb Randwick who told her of the supplies desperately needed.

The nurses advised that essential items such as energy power for firefighters, baby wipes, lip bam, sun creams, water, long life milk, breakfast drinks, nappies, juice.

Mareia told the Advertiser on Thursday: “I flew in yesterday. I’m here for three weeks. I heard it was bad but until I got here I never knew just how bad the situation was.

“The second I stepped off the plane I could smell the fires.

There was a strong burning. I was instantly sad and thought ‘Oh no, this is bad’.

Ayr Advertiser: Mareia could smell the fires after she got off the plane Mareia could smell the fires after she got off the plane

“I’m staying with my sister in New South Wales. And even today we left the house and the car was covered in ash.

“I was at Randwick for dinner and met up with some friends who are all nurses here and the girls are saying that everyone they know are doing a lot for them.

“It’s awful but some people can’t leave due to the fires so they are stuck. Coogee Surf Club has asked for folk to help out and I said to my sister we need to go. I can come visit anytime but right now I need to do what I feel is best and that’s help.

"Fires are only about two hours away from me On Sunday Mareia was joined by her mum and sister as they volunteered their day at a surf club in the coastal suburb of Cogee, where they helped pack and ship water and food to be sent over.

The fundraiser can be accessed at mariea-mohan