RESIDENTS of Ayr’s Riverside Flats have expressed concern over where they could be re-homed with some fearing they could end up in a bed-sit.

But South Ayrshire Council have strongly denied that residents many of whom are vulnerable could end up in smaller accommodation, as well as denying claims that they could be moved as far afield as Ballantrae.

Community Councillor and resident David Petrie told the Advertiser how he has heard from neighbours who are worried where they could end up.

He said: “Tennants are coming to me as I am their port of call – they know I have spoken up for them in the past.

“Tenants have been offered bed sits, no one is taking up any offers because the offers are ridiculous. Some have been offered accommodation as far away as Ballantrae.

“One of my neighbours was offered a house in Craigie Road, it was a villa so they had to go upstairs to the bedrooms, he has had three strokes in the past and he needs a mobility scooter – it’s not suitable for him.”

SAC have hit back at such claims and insist that no offers have been made to rehouse residents to Ballantrae or in bedsits.

A spokesperson for SAC told the Advertiser: “Housing officers have been working closely with tenants to ensure any offers made are based on their preferences and housing requirements. No offers have been made by the Council to rehouse anyone in Ballantrae or in bedsits.”

David later strongly refuted SAC’s statement, he added: “I don’t believe them.”

The furious resident also hit out at claims that Council Housing Officers were accurately logging meetings with each resident.

Council chiefs took the decision to demolish the three tower-block flats home to 234 residents in June.

The mass re-homing job could take up until 2022 as housing officers have had their contracts extended to ensure they are in place to support tenants. SAC added: “A date has not been set for demolition as this depends on the rehousing of tenants which is ongoing. Housing Officers have had their contracts extended until 2022 to ensure that Officers are in place to support tenants through the rehousing process.”