A TROON family left devastated after their bikes and scooters were cruelly snatched by heartless thieves have celebrated their best Christmas ever.

Mum-of-10, Lisa Gibson, spoke of her gratitude after many of the items were replaced by organisers of the Secret Santa initiative.

Lisa said: “Around two weeks ago my husband Barry’s new bike, bought second hand by his mum to help him get over a leg injury, was taken from the back of our driveway at our home. We noticed one morning as we took three young children to school it was gone and we were devastated as we have had bikes stolen in the past.

“My son Finlay’s Mongoose scooter, which he used daily to go to school, had been taken, which he was heartbroken about. Previously my daughter Eilidh’s bike had been taken from the garden, however our wonderful neighbours gifted her a bike they had rarely been used, which we were so grateful for, as she also cycled to school daily.”

Secret Santa then stepped in.

Lisa added: “On speaking to Secret Santa we realised that our gifts had also been taken from the step around the time the bike went missing but Santa went into action and our kids received their gifts and were over the moon to be put on the good list.”

However Secret Santa did not stop there.

Lisa explained: “On December 23, we had a knock on the door and Secret Santa volunteers had brought the best Christmas presents; a bike for Barry, two replacement scooters and four other kids’ bikes. We were totally overwhelmed at what Secret Santa and the community had done for us. We couldn’t believe what the community had gifted and it was a really humbling experience, it goes to show what a wonderful town Troon is and that community spirit is alive and well, we will forever be grateful for the love and kindness we have been shown.”

She added: “We also had a visit from Campbell Malone, the Secret Santa organiser, who met the kids and thus allowed us to say thank you in person. But he surprised us further with toys and sweets for all of our children, making it the best Christmas ever.”

Campbell Malone said: “I heard that someone stole their bikes and scooters and thought jings I want to help. So we made it our goal to get them all bikes and scooters. Just wanted to help that’s all.”