Christmas tunes sounded out from the Santa float as Troon Round Table enjoyed their third last night around the community.

Babes in arms were excited at the prospect of seeing Santa, as were toddlers and older children who waited patiently to see the man in red and white as I joined vice-chairman Greg Philp in the official car, supplied by Park’s Motor Group.

As ever elves walked around the neighbourhoods with collection buckets, welcoming donations to help them carry on their work in helping groups, schools and charity groups throughout the community.

Greg is delighted with how things have gone.

He said: “This year we have been visiting several hundred houses each night with the expansion of the area, In all we were visiting around 6000 houses across the area. We have also had letters from children which we pass on for Santa to read.”

The event will raise between £8000 and £10,000 which is a good effort to be split between community groups and projects across the Troon area.

This year the Round Table are helping support Crosshouse Children’s Fund. The group fund raise to ensure that Ayrshire’s babies, children and young people receive the extra special care they deserve in hospital.

Greg added: “This is an important group to support as they are based locally and so many people have been helped by them.

Music from the car is carefully selected.

“The music should all have a Christmas theme and I would say this year’s has been the best for a while,”said Greg.

Meanwhile elves enjoyed the Santa Float trip.

Leanne Lovett said: “I just love how so many people come together through the Santa Float. I love to see children’s faces light up when Santa comes and even people who have seen the Santa Float for years and years enjoy it. I think other people should try this, they can raise money for schools, organisations and charities.”

Clair Milne added: “This was my only time out this year but I really enjoyed it. I’ve been doing this for a few years. I like to see the children’s faces and the Christmas lights look good.”