A DEVASTATED mum was left ‘heartbroken’ after sick vandals ‘wrecked’ her stillborn babies grave.

Kirstyanne Mackie, 20, was distraught after her daughter’s grave was trashed and ‘ripped up’ by thugs this month.

Disgusting thieves nicked items off the babies grave and destroyed the flowers which had been laid in tribute.

The grief stricken mother is currently battling Crosshouse hospital after claiming Amelia-Rose’s death was ‘completely preventable’.

It comes after medics had warned them that a Caesarean section would need to be performed at 37 weeks - two weeks before Kirstyanne’s due date of November 5.

The pregnancy was deemed high risk as Kirstyanne’s blood type is rhesus negative B, while her baby was rhesus positive - posing a risk of stillbirth due to antibodies.

Despite the warnings doctors failed to book the C-section according to Kirstyanne which she insists caused her baby’s tragic death.

Now she has suffered the latest blow with vile vandals smashing up the grave.

Kirstyanne said: “I’m actually so heartbroken all that money that has been spent on my daughter’s grave and it’s been wrecked.

“I sat a snow globe on top of the box what the teddy bear was in and then I went up to see that the globe had been chucked off and onto someone else’s grave.

“The only thing that was left was the teddy bear in the clear plastic bit now the box was glued shut so someone has went up and ripped it all apart and just left it.

“The ribbon on the niece wreath was ripped all off as well.”

Kirstyanne was hoping to bring her healthy baby home for the holidays but now is dreading to face Christmas without her new daughter.

She had decorated the child’s grave as a way to cope but the thugs destroyed her attempts.

Now all she wants for Christmas is a new headstone for her stillborn baby.

The Santa and reindeer teddy bear was also on someone else’s grave.

She added: “The plants that they came with had been tipped upside down and the flowers were out the pots.

“The granddaughter teddy bear was out it’s box at the top of the lid has been ripped off and so has the bottom of the box.

“I don’t know who done it but to do it to a babies grave is horrible.”