TROON’s top citizen this week reflected on what he feels has been a hugely memorable year in the front line.

And Troon Civic Award Winner for 2018, Ian Wilson admitted he couldn’t believe he had been invited to take on the prestigious role.

His duties ended on December 12 when he arranged for children from St Patrick’s Primary School to sing Christmas carols at the beacon.

A collection for the charity Beautiful Inside and Out was also held on the day.

The pensioner said: “When I was told I had been chosen to receive the Troon Civic Award I thought it was some sort of prank. I couldn’t believe that an old man like myself would ever be awarded such an honour.

“The year has been unbelievable - I didn’t expect to be invited to so many events. This role has helped me develop as a person.

“Having represented my lovely wee town at so many events over the past 12 months, I really want to say a big thank you to Troon Community Council for giving me such a wonderful opportunity. I have had such great support from Helen Duff, chairwoman of the Community Council.”

What were some of his highlights?

“I performed the opening ceremony at Eastertainment and gave prizes to the winner of the Odd Object competition and later was involved in the Taxi Day and Troon Gala Day.”

Father-of-one Ian has been impressed the diverse age ranges of people he has worked with, especially young people, whom he feels sometimes get a bad name.

He has interacted with people of all ages - from the Gala Queens and princesses to the teenagers who took part in the Remembrance Day Service at the war memorial as well as his own generation.

“There’s a lot of good young people in Troon who do a lot for the community. Get involved as much as you can - that would be my tip to whoever takes on the role next year.

“It’s been a quick year since I go my presentation in the Harbour Bar in February.”

Despite his duties coming to an end, Ian will continue to fight for the rights of the elderly.

He added: “I hope to encourage people to get out of their houses. Also I hope the local authority will look at loneliness. I would like to see them put on minibus from Muirhead and the activities going on in town.

As he signs off , Ian admits he has enjoyed serving the town.