THE faces of children across Troon and a centenarian all lit up when Secret Santa resumed deliveries for the Christmas season earlier this month.

Mary Douneghey is 101 and was visited by a team of volunteers from the group, who handed over a gift.

Children were also hugely appreciative of gifts from the Santa’s, who ring doorbells, leave their calling cards and then disappear.

The venture started on Friday, December 6 when the team delivered to more than 150 children. Saturday, December 7 was a wet and windy night and the team delivered to over 250 children and two dogs. Troon Secret Santa continued the following Friday, with around 600 Troon children receiving gifts and it concluded on Friday and Saturday.

Organiser Campbell Malone said: “There has been super feedback this year.

“The children were given selection boxes, fruit candy canes and chocolate gold coins.”

Secret Santa organisers are encouraging people to people to put forward the names of youngsters who deserve a gift from the main festive man of the moment.

This is the sixth year that Secret Santa has been part of the run-up to Christmas. It was started in 2014 by Troon local Campbell Malone, who now lives in New Zealand.

He has been tirelessly supported from year two by Troon woman Caroline Goodall Cummings. The duo also run the Troon Easter Egg Hunt.