A TEAM of hairdressers who worked a marathon 14-hour shift to help less fortunate children have asked for help to raise more funds.

Vogue salon on the High Street, opened their doors to 60 clients on a busy Thursday.

And today they will donate a massive £2,000 to Cash for Kids after the full hair team and some in house beauticians worked for free.

Salon owner Kayleigh Simpson was inspired to make a difference to kids lives after hearing of the struggles they face from clients who are social workers.

And she was backed by her dedicated staff who all decided to donate their wages.

Following her hard days graft on Thursday, December 12 Kayleigh told the Advertiser: “We worked a 14-hour shift yesterday, every year we pick something so we thought we would pick cash for kids this year.

“We are still rounding it up, but we think we raised about £1,000 yesterday alone but we’ve also managed to get in about £900 as well through donations from clients as well. We were actually so busy yesterday, I finished about midnight, we had about 60 clients in and there is only three of us in

“It’s went really well. We were hoping it becomes a yearly thing. “If everybody could give up one day’s wage in a full year, the money raised would be phenomenal.”

“We’ve got quite a large cliental of social workers and community workers, we’ve found from speaking to them the difference that Cash for Kids makes to different organisations that don’t get government funding I had no idea the amount of people who rely on it.

“One of my good friends is a social worker and she told me the kids who are under social work get £50 to be spent each year, but it’s now just £20. It’s been inspiring talking to different clients,Cash for Kids is all year round but it’s more obvious at Christmas which is sad it should be all year round.”