A FESTIVE charity appeal aimed at helping ensure children from struggling families have a brighter Christmas has been a real success.

The South Ayrshire Toy Bank has attracted donations from across the community. On Sunday, December 15, they closed off their Amazon wish list. A spokeswoman said: “Thanks to everyone who made a purchase as it was an absolute life saver for the toy bank and has allowed us to make Christmas nicer for an astounding 1,710 kids.

"We wish poverty wasn’t so rife. In the age three to six and baby group, we have a lot of extra items and we will store these until next year and that will give us a head start as we expect a 20 per cent or more increase on this year’s numbers.

"Many thanks for your amazing help, we never believed for one moment that together we could help one third of the kids experiencing poverty. Next year we will help more.”

A big thanks to Queen Margaret Academy pupils who collected items. Just another fine example of the community spirit that has helped children right across South Ayrshire have a nicer Christmas.” South Ayrshire Women’s Hub spent a day organising all the amazing Christmas gifts donated to the hub.from both private donations and The South Ayrshire Christmas Toy Bank.