A MAJOR accident could be caused by speeding motorists on Monktonhill Road.

That was the warning from a concerned Troon resident who wants action.

He said in a letter to Troon Community Council: “I moved into Troon two years ago and during that time I have seen more accidents on the Monktonhill Road than any other one I can remember.

I believe the 30mph speed limit needs moved to just before the Lochgreen House and serious traffic calming measures installed to protect residents, pedestrians, cyclists and drivers.

“I don’t feel there is a risk of a fatality but prefer to take action in advance of any serious incidents.

“I cycle to work every day and witness excessive speeds - once an ambulance overtook me on a blind bend on Craigend Road to Monktonhill Road and did not have its blue lights on.

“Numerous cars end up on the wrong side of the road.

“I witnessed two separate cyclists being undertaken close to a blind bend. I know of a couple who stopped walking their dogs because the road is too busy.”

The police will raise the matter with the Roads Alliance. Meanwhile, Community Council treasurer Dougie Barr voiced concern about traffic calming measures in Loans.

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