FURIOUS parents have slammed an Ayr primary school for “shaming” children who did not have a donation on a charity day.

Pupils of Kincaidston Primary were said to have been “shouted at” for not bringing in money on their ‘Wear something festive day’ last week.

Concerned parent Dawn Roney, whose six-year-old daughter attends the school- called the actions of the school a “disgrace”, claiming that kids who did not have donation were told to put their hands up in an assembly.

Dawn took to social media to hit out at the school whilst another parent said the ordeal had her daughter “in tears”.

Dawn said: “What I’ve been told this morning is a disgrace. When the kids were invited to wear something festive and the optional bring something in for the raffle stall.

“[A member of staff] asked the kids in assembly to put their hands up if they brought a donation in and then proceeded to ask the kids that didn’t bring a donation in to put their hands up. She shamed the kids that didn’t, basically went right through them.

“She doesn’t know individual circumstances. Maybe their parents couldn’t afford to donate something but their kids dressed festive so they weren’t left out.

“If the teaching staff have this problem they should speak to the parents and not shame the kids in front of everyone.

“The kids were told that it wasn’t a dress down day (which they also charge money for) and they were only allowed to dress festive if they brought in a donation.

“All I can say is wow, what a way to segregate the children.

“ To make them feel ashamed. I am totally disgusted.

“At the moment the school constantly want money and it’s hard for a lot of people this time of year. They obviously don’t see that or they don’t want to see it.”

Dawn spoke to the Advertiser and told how she has received messages from other worried parents with one mother looking to move school after alleged issues with bullying.

She said: “One of the other mums is changing her daughter’s school.

“This was the last straw.

“Her daughter was getting badly bullied for a while and [she feels] the school haven’t done anything to stop it.

“Now this, so she’s taking her daughter out of the school.”

A spokesperson for South Ayrshire Council: “The Parent Council at Kincaidston Primary School arranged a ‘Wear Something Festive Day’ where children were asked to bring in donations for the Christmas Fayre. During an assembly, children who had forgotten to bring in a donation were reminded of the purpose behind the “Wear Something Festive Day”.

Depute Chief Executive, Douglas Hutchison, said, “I apologise unreservedly for any embarrassment caused to any child. The intention by staff was to remind all children, if possible, to support the Christmas Fayre, not to cause embarrassment to any child.” The school staff have met with parents who were concerned, and spoken to the affected pupils to reassure them that there has been no fault on their part.”