A TROON lad is using his last remaining holidays from work to help homeless people suffering on the streets this Christmas.

Gary Sharman, 27, launched his mission to help vulnerable homeless people across Ayrshire and Glasgow who are battling freezing conditions out on the streets.

It comes after the death of a 47-year-old man in Glasgow city centre last week.

Gary’s campaign ‘Never Give Up’ was inspired from his travels across the world where he noticed devastating levels of homelessness across different nations and cities.

Now he wants to help as many people as possible to help tackle the stigma.

Since the launch of his campaign Gary asked if anyone could donate warm clothes to be distributed to those in need - and he has been overwhelmed by the response with hundreds of items dropped off in just a few weeks.

He told the Advertiser: “I have taken some holidays off in December for my work, I have a few dates lined up to go up to Glasgow. I’m going to go up to the launch of café Walt - it’s a new shop opening their doors to help feed the homeless. I’m going to have a few rails there with clothes to help the homeless.

“It’s been brilliant ever since, putting the word out there, everyday people have been in constant contact.

“I went out last Saturday for a few hours, there was so much stuff all over Ayrshire people Irvine, Killie, all over Ayrshire.

“Every night I get back from work my inbox is full of messages – I’ve never had so many women get in contact with me.”

“I’ve got so much stuff over the house it’s unreal my mum is going nuts.”

Gary is on a mission to help those who have fallen on times because he feels it could happen to anyone.

He also plans to use his time off to spend full nights speaking to the homeless in Glasgow, and reach out to those in need in Ayrshire too.

He added: “No one should be homeless, people say it’s their own fault but actually these people need help.It’s getting the message across that they do need help. We could all end up like that no matter how well you were brought up. It’s not always about giving them money we should all just speak to them rather than just walk by them.”