BABIES rely on dummies in the first year or two of life, while dogs tend to love chew toys and bones

However, Troon dog Jess loves to pick up and carry around discarded dummies, which have been dropped on the ground by frustrated parents, who are trying hard to settle their babies.

Owner James Peterson -who prefers to be known as John is tickled with the Border Collie’s love for the soothing aids.

He said: “There’s really no explanation for it. Jess found a dummy one day close by in the neighbourhood and wanted to carry it around in her mouth.

“She now must have gathered up about nine and we keep them all together.

“I know it’s unusual and we can’t think of any other dogs who like dummies as much as Jess.”

“But we just keep them outside and he doesn’t chew them or destroy them.”

But dummies are not the only thing picked up by the curious dog.

John added: “She enjoys going on walks on the golf course and has picked up few golf balls in her time.

“I go six to nine mile cycles and she enjoys coming with me.”

The Troon man was delighted to finally acquire Jess more than two years ago and she certainly helped fill a void in his life.

He said: “I lost my previous dog Cassie, when she was 14 and a half so it was really nice to have another dog.

“I was teaching at Kilmarnock Academy and a pupil knew we had lost Cassie and when their dog had puppies, she looked out for one we could have from the litter.

“She’s exactly the same breed as Cassie and is great company.”