FURIOUS Troon community campaigners have warned councillors that they will be in danger of losing their seats if they decide to vote for a controversial community asset transfer of their building.

Frances Carson, chairwoman of Muirhead Tenants and Residents’ Association spoke out as controversy raged over proposals to sell the property to Dundonald Gymnastics Club.

They say this would all but mean the end of the centre as many of the groups could not be accommodated by the Gymnastics Club.

The Leadership Panel will debate the issue again next Monday after earlier rejecting the plans only for the Audit and Governance Panel to agree with the sports club’s proposals.

Then the full Council will make a decision next month but the applicant would still be able to appeal to the Scottish Government should they lose out.

The chairwoman said: “This legislation is a first for South Ayrshire so all I will say is that everyone is watching them.

“They had better to the right thing by the people as this is a community facility.

“At the Audit and Governance Panel, it was said that all 15 user groups had been re-located.

“In fact there are 30 groups and 15 have not, so that’s not true.

“Even the ones who have been re-located have to walk along dark, unlit paths to the likes of Marr College, it’s not ideal and there wouldn’t be enough places who would be able to fit in people from the other 15 groups.

“The councillors should remember that they could be on their backsides if we vote them out.

“The Scottish Government legislation is weighted in favour of the applicant. This is a vital local facility which has to stay in the community.

“Some people thought that this was all over in June when the Leadership Panel voted against the proposals but we always knew that was not the case as the Gymnastics Club have the right to appeal. We have to keep battling and hopefully the council will vote against the plans when they go to a vote. Now we are working as hard as we can to keep events going at the centre.”