A DEVASTATED Ayr mum is demanding an investigation into her baby’s death at Crosshouse Hospital.

Kirstyanne Mackie, 20, and partner Ryan Brown have been left devastated after their baby girl Amelia-Rose was stillborn.

Kirstyanne claims she was “neglected” by staff and says doctors promised she would get a Cesearean section at 37 weeks because she was “high-risk”.

In 2017 Crosshouse Hospital came under fire after a government-commissioned report into the “unnecessary” deaths of six babies at the hospital’s maternity unit which highlighted concerns about staff shortages impacting patient care in 2017.

The review followed a BBC investigation which revealed a number of babies had died at the Kilmarnock hospital.

NHS Ayrshire and Arran Health Board then apologised to the families involved.

Now Kirstyanne and Ryan, 23, are demanding another investigation be carried out over the death of their daughter.

Ryan said their traumatic experience was made even worse when Kirstyanne broke down after being given a family space to grieve next door to a room of crying babies.

The couple say they suffered another blow claiming the hospital didn’t update them on Amelia-Rose’s post-mortem.

The couple claim there was confusion as to where their daughter’s tiony body was after staff told tyhem she had been transeferred to Glasgow from their local funeral parlour.

The distraught parents now say they have so many unanswered questions for the hospital but say so far they have been repeatedly fobbed off.

Kirstyanne’s claims her consultant hasn’t been in touch since her appointment at 35 weeks pregnant, and says she hasn’t even been sent a letter by the NHS.

Now the couple, who already have a two-year-old daughter Alisha Kayla Margaret Brown, are demanding answers and want to know why Kirstyanne wasn’t given the C-section she claims she was promised.

Kirstyanne said: “I feel so horrible and neglected.

“They just kept on telling me they wouldn’t leave me to go passed 37 weeks as it could cause the baby to be stillborn and they did.

“That’s what happened to my wee girl and now she’s not here with us.”

Ryan said: “The way the hospital treated us was absolutely appalling they were not supportive.

“It felt like they just thought ‘there’s nothing we can do, get out the door’.

“She should have had surgery to prevent this happening I told them that but they said ‘it isn’t that simple, you can’t just cut someone open’.

“If they had given her the C-section they could have saved her life.

“It has been a nightmare we are definitely taking this further.

“It doesn’t even feel real, I am not happy at all with the hospital.

A statement from Tracy Dalrymple, Assistant General Manager at the University Hospital Crosshouse, read: “The loss of a baby is always tragic and our condolences and thoughts are with Ms Mackie and her family at this time.

“NHS Ayrshire Arran cannot comment on individual patients but we would encourage Ms Mackie to contact us directly with any concerns about the care or treatment she received.

“This allows us to investigate and provide feedback.”