THE long wait for new toilets in Barassie is about to come to an end, writes Stewart McConnell.

New facilities will open on the shore next Monday, November 18.

Councillor Philip Saxton revealed the welcome news at a meeting of Troon Community Council. The loos had been scheduled to open last summer, in time for the usual influx of tourists, however there was one delay after another, causing major consternation. There were problems in finding the water supply, it was revealed at last week’s meeting.

Councillor Saxton said: “We’re delighted that the toilets are finally open. It’s been a long time and I know they were supposed to be open in time for the Summer holidays, but there were a few delays. The recent problems were outwith our control. There were problems with the likes of the water supply but they are all sorted now and the old toilets stayed until the new ones arrived.

Fellow Councillor Peter Convery, meanwhile said he had been approached by staff at the public toilets in South Beach.

He said they had claimed there was black mould on the walls and the urinals were in the state they were when the building first opened.

Councillor Convery says he will look into the matter.