AFTER six weeks of lantern workshops, 2km of masking tape, 6,500 pieces of willow - Girvan came alive with light, lanterns and music.

On a fantastic night with the moon high in the sky, the heady pulse of Sheboom, Samba led the 15th River of Light Parade in a pulsating wave of light through the streets for a cosmic encounter of the lantern kind.

Girvan’s streets were invaded for one night only for Space 1969 playing host to more UFOs than Bonnybridge as Flying Saucers, ‘Neil Armstrong’ the Saturn V space rocket Space Craft and the Stars fell to earth for an hour of magic, entrancing residents and visitors alike in the community’s best ever lantern procession.

The 2019 project was a fantastic showcase of the skills of the lantern makers of Carrick and the CRAG arts team who captivated young and old with their out of this world creations.

On the shore front, the CRAG finale fire show entranced the audience with fire and light before Girvan Attractions’ annual Firework Display.

The 2019 CRAG arts team were: David Powell, Vicky Randlo, Jenny Compton, Katie Walker, Kirsty Macdonald and Ingrid Powell and Morgan, Gareth, Barry, Ann from Biosphere Bikes for use of buggy and wheelchair bike and constructing a space mobile and a cast of volunteers - thanks to Will, Keiran, Mhairi, Chris, Tony, Alina and Carly for making covering, stewarding and assisting.