TWO of the principals in this weekend’s Wintertainment Festival will hope to turn heads in the parade after a hairdresser quickly stepped in to help.

Gala Queen Kiana Wylie and Princess Emmie Irvine were hurriedly booked in to The Works Hair and Beauty Salon for a styling this coming Sunday morning, just before the parade gets underway.

Troon Community Council chairwoman Helen Duff said: “Sue Pinto was not able to do the Gala Queen and Princess’s hair this year for Wintertainment after more than eight years but we are so grateful for her support throughout that time.

“Melanie Morgan from Beautiful Bodies is still doing their nails for them. but the Works have kindly offered to do both girls.”

Kiana said: “It’s great to have my hair styled and the parade should be good.”

Added Emmie: “I look forward to getting my hair done.”

Emmie’s grandmother Caroline Furey said: “The girls will get their hair curled and styled to give them a queen and princess look.

“We have booked good weather so hopefully it will be a nice day.

“Let’s hope it’s not raining.”

Salon co-owner Meggan Hobson was pleased to lend a hand and help give the top duo a regal look.

She said: “I just messaged Helen straight away and I said we would open up for Wintertainment.

“We have a bit to eat for the girls and also some teas and coffee for the committee.

“That’s putting a wee bit back into the community.

“I haven’t been to the festival before so I look forward to it.

“The girls will also leave from here for the parade which is nice.

“We just opened up last week and since then it’s been really busy.

“It’s the perfect location.”