HOW we travel to school is important for our health, our safety and our environment.

Active travel has benefits for pupils, the school and the community…….increases in cycling and walking rates can tackle inactivity, congestion, pollution and can also reduce money spent on fuel.

Bike to School Week, which ran from September 23 to 27, was a great way for children, parents and teachers all to give travelling to and from school by bike a go!

And along the way to enjoy the fresh air and freedom that cycling provides, find out the best cycling routes around your neighbourhood and develop your cycling skills.

Cycling is a skill which once we master can be with us for life and increasingly you see people on bikes in the community and also further afield as they can often be seen on trains as they head on adventures much further afield than their own neighhourhoods.

There is so much to be explored throughout the country so why not head out now and explore the great outdoors.

To celebrate Bike to School Week, all South Ayrshire schools and pupils were invited to enter the Ayrshire Roads Alliance Bike to School Week prize draw.

To enter, pupils and schools had to tweet a picture of them or their school doing their bit for Bike to School Week to the group at @ARARoadSafety with the #biketoschoolsouthayrshire.

Everyone who tweeted under the hashtag entered the prize draw to win a brand new Frog bike, a much-sought-after prize.

St Patrick’s Primary School in Troon were the lucky winners of the Frog bike.

And it was recently presented to their Junior Road Safety Officer committee and JRSO Co-ordinator Mrs Barclay.

The Troon school plan to use the bike to support their ongoing cycling activities such as the Bikeability Scotland scheme.