A FURIOUS resident has hit out at an “eyesore” roundabout in Barassie, which totally limits people’s vision.

Pat York of Lang Road is “disgusted” that the roundabout was full of weeds and makes it difficult for drivers to see.

She said: “South Ayrshire Council told me when I rang the roundabout was being replaced by traffic lights.

“But I have never had a vote and I live in Lang Road.

“I had problems with people not coming back to me on the issue.

“When I last rang they said it would probably be done in October, nothing has been done.

“It’s an eyesore.

“I have a friend who is disabled and lives in Commonwealth Drive and when she goes to the Lang Road shops she can’t see in the car. This is our only way out of the estate.

“It needs to be lowered and tidied. It’s just a mass of weeds, it’s disgusting. The weeds should be cut down.

“This is our only way in and out of this estate.

“The residents of Lang Road should have been asked about this.”

Councillor Bob Pollock said: “There will be traffic lights installed where the roundabout is.

“This had been planned for October but because of technical issues elsewhere it has been deferred.

“It will probably be done sometime before the summer holidays.

“It’s part of a programme of traffic lights across the area.

“There was a public consultation and meeting about this.”

The Community Council agreed to write to owners of the estate, Stewart Milne Homes, asking them to consider cutting down the weeds on the roundabout.