FURIOUS Muirhead residents are calling for urgent action to light a piece of ground which connects their primary school with Marr College.

They fear people are in danger of being attacked.

The stretch of land lies between the burn at the back of the golf course close to Muirhead Primary and the green gates at the secondary school

Muirhead Tenants’ and Residents’ Association chairwoman Frances Carson said: “We have been trying so many times to get lighting on the stretch of ground between the back of the burn at the golf course and the green gates at Marr College.

“I don’t know how many times I have gone through there before and it’s pitch black apart from the delineating lights which the MTRA managed to get put in there.

“If they weren’t needed they wouldn’t have been installed.”

“People use this area. It’s getting darker and darker.

“I have seen teenagers sitting drinking in the bushes, it’s an accident waiting to happen.

“I recall someone was once attacked in that area and there is nothing to stop that happening again.

“I will not walk through there now.

“Anything could happen.”

Community Council chairwoman Helen Duff said: “The youths are drinking there because there’s no light and the police can’t see them. If there’s been a crime and police are chasing them they will lose them.”

Another resident added: “Smashed glasses and bottles have been dumped in the area and it’s really difficult to see when you’re walking without lights late at night.

“Something has to be done about this.” The Community Council agreed to write to Ayrshire Roads Alliance to find out who was responsible for lighting, at the suggestion of Councillor Bob Pollock.