A DOG breeder had his bid for a licence to farm puppys approved despite two objections over previous illegal breeding.

Licensing chiefs unanimously agreed to allow Peter McIlwraith to breed dogs for one year during a hearing on Wednesday, October 30.

The maximum number of dogs on site is 42, excluding pups but including 29 breeding bitches, five stud dogs, four retired and four working dogs.

Councillors added a condition that a suitable person must be on site at all times and that the establishment at Ashentree Cottage, Rankinston, will be subject to unannounced inspections.

The application received two objections – from neighbour Iain Wham as well as John Robins of the Animal Concern Advice Line complaining about barking and previous illegal breeding of dogs for sale on Gumtree.

However Peter McIlwraith said: “This was totally a misunderstanding on my behalf for not fully understanding the allowed breeding allocation within each calender year. I have contacted the relevant department and have expressed my apologies.”

East Ayrshire Council Legal Manager Stuart McCall said: “Having considered objections and submissions from the applicant the panel unanimously agreed that this application for a licence to keep a Dog Breeding/Rearing Establishment should be granted for one year.

“In the interests of animal welfare, the grant of the licence included an additional condition that a suitable person must be on site at all times and that the establishment will be subject to unannounced inspections by our Environment Health and Licensing teams at any time during the period of the licence.”