A READING dog at Ayr Academy is helping the literacy skills of pupils as it helps them read aloud.

Their therapet Rory is well placed to help the kids gain confidence with reading as he sits in the library and listens to them reading stories.

Librarian Carole Picken told the Advertiser how Rory is a “wee smasher” and is helping quieter pupils gain confidence.

She said: “The idea behind it is the pupils and the children read through the dog, the dog can’t correct a mistake, it’s to build up their confidence to read out loud.

“The dog is non judgemental.

“Some of the kids come in and say what does the dog actually read, but it’s the pupils that read to the dog.

“We pick some pupils that are quieter, just need a bit of encouragement to come out their shells a wee bit. Kids that are shy, that need a bit more confidence.

“It encourages them as well to put their hands up in the class and ask questions.You do actually notice the difference

“I had a wee group who came into the library, two of the pupils who came up in the last term, everyone would read a page.”

“They were the first to put their hand up, once they started reading, they decided if they can read a page then so can I. It does give them that ability to read out to their peers. Its all really important.”