GHOSTS, guisers and goblins will be around this coming Thursday (Halloween) in Troon.

The fifth annual Spooky Troon event is being organised and people from across the community are invited to join in the fun.

Organiser Campbell Malone said: “I’ve always organised this event from New Zealand in previous years. But because I’m home I want to have a really big one. The fun starts at 5pm and goes on until 8pm. A number of shops are involved and also loads of houses.

“This year instead of doing trick or treat we will go back to what people used to do in Troon by turning up at houses and sing a song or say a poem. We’ve had so many people helping, two ladies have offered to do candy floss, a number of ladies are doing toffee apples and chocolate apples, some of the chefs in Troon are making tablet and someone is making toasted marshmallows. The shops are doing Halloween bags. I want it to be a safe event and kids go round with their mums and dads.”

Set for Halloween are Jackson Shirley, 6 and Grayson Shirley, 3.