A LOCAL cats protection group are looking to find four ‘monochrome moggies’ their forever home.

The South Ayrshire branch want to get out more awareness for the type of feline friends as it can take them an average of 13% longer to find their new home, than other coloured cats.

Cats Protection held their National Black Cat Day on Sunday, October 27.

Branch volunteer Natalie O’Connell said: “It’s hard to believe that anyone would overlook rehoming a cat just because of their colour. “We believe the main reason for black or black-and-white ones being overlooked is that they are more common than cats of other colours such as ginger or tabby.

“But these gorgeous cats have just as much love to give, and deserve new families just as much as any other homeless feline.

The black and black-and-white cats currently in the care of the South Ayrshire Branch.