AN ACTION plan will be formed within a final report following a community consultation in Troon.

The Troon Together process gained an excellent response from people in the town, who provided ideas on how they would like to improve the town via a survey.

Work is now underway to pull the information, public ideas and feedback into a final report with an action plan by Troon Together Steering Group supported by South Ayrshire Council.

It is hoped that the report will be completed by the end of November.

Troon Together are asking for as many groups as possible to get involved to help deliver plans which will “reflect the aspirations of a broad range of people” within Troon and the surrounding area.

The group will also hold an informal information sharing session in early December, bringing together a representative from each of the groups and partners who will be key to achieving these aims.

If you are interested in supporting Troon’s aspirations, please send a private message via the Troon Together Facebook page.