A FORMER policeman is in line to become the new Conservative representative for Ayr, Carrick and Cumnock.

Martin Dowey is set to win the Tory ticket ahead of candidate hustings at the end of this month.

The ex-cop, 52, spent 25 years in the force in areas through Ayrshire, including in Ayr, Cumnock and Girvan.

Mr Dowey is also the Tory Group Leader on South Ayrshire Council.

He is believed to be the strong favourite going into the election, as he replaces current Tory representative Bill Grant who is not standing again and will step down from his role, as well as being the constituencies MP.

Opposition hopeful Allan Dorans has been confirmed to be standing for the Scottish National Party.

The 64-year-old ousted Corri Wilson as SNP supporters opted for a change of leadership in the local area.

Mr Dorans romped to victory on Friday, October 5 at the party’s internal election as he won with a near 16 per cent majority.

He won 354 votes compared to Ms Wilson’s 257.

He is also a former cop having spent 17 years in the Metropolitan Police where he was a DI dealing with major crime.

From Dailly, the ex-Carrick Academy pupil returned to South Ayrshire from London in 1988 to work at Butlins Wonderwest World as personnel and training executive.

He led the SNP in opposition at South Ayrshire Council in 2014.

When Corris Wilson lost her seat to Bill Grant in May 2017, the 68-year-old enjoyed a hefty electoral swing of 17.5 percent.

Bill Grant revealed in early September that he would be stepping down from his role indicating that he would not be seeking a re-election.

In an open letter to the Tory association, he revealed he only intended to sit one term in parliament.