AN ONLINE petition has gathered thousands of signatures to stop the Old Racecourse from being turned into a Golf Academy.

The Common Good Land is under threat after South Ayrshire Council recommended that two golf holes were to be placed as part of the development of a golf academy within Belleisle Park.

A petition was set up last week by Friends of Belleisle to ask the public to support the fight against SAC allowing the new facility to go ahead.

By time of publication the petition had reached 1,162 signatures as residents pledged their support to keeping the land as it is.

One supporter said: “I am signing this because we need to keep all the green spaces we can to walk and children to play and recreational use for everyone.” Whilst another added: “Land that is left for the common good is for the use of everyone not just the chosen few who can afford the fees. We have lost so much recreational land it is important that future generations can have access to green spaces in our towns.”

The Advertiser previously told how kids football could be impacted if the move was to go ahead.

And one parent expressed her concern of this, they said: “So many young boys’ love of football starts here.”

Olena Stewart of Friends of Belleisle told the Advertiser: “We started off just wanting 100, but that shows you how people feel about the common good land. “The land is entrusted by the council to look after it, not dispose of it. It’s really up to every person in Ayr to fight for the common good land.

“We shouldn’t have to be fighting for it. The council should know it’s for everybody.”