TWO British jihadis part of the notorious ISIS group ‘The Beatles’ have spoken over the murder of slain aid worker David Haines.

David Haines, 44, whose parents live in Ayr, was beheaded in Syria five years ago by the group after being held prisoner for 18 months.

El Shafee Elsheikh, 31, known as Jihadi George offered a “sincere apology” and Alexanda Kotey, 35, dubbed Jihadi Ringo expressed guilt for their roles in the death of Haines, who was beheaded in Syria in 2014 by Mohammed Emwazi, or Jihadi John.

The two men were interviewed by ITV news as part of a report following his daughter, Bethany’s journey to Syria to seek answers and fight for justice.

They were recently remanded by Kurdish forces in Syria, before they will be flown to the US to face trial for terror offences.

In the televised report, Elsheikh apologised for his role in the logistical side of the terror group.

He admitted to moving hostages, including Haines around to several locations during the ordeal

He added he has “no problem apologising” for his involvement.

Kotey however refused to apologise but instead told ITV news: “What I will say is that I regret, that I’m sad for her (Bethany) that that was the fate of her father.

“That’s not something that I would have wished for.

“It’s not something that I’m in agreement with and if there was anything that I had done which may have lead or caused some kind of distress to her or her father while he was in detention then I apologise for that.”

Both men were unable to confirm the location of David’s body, as his daughter desperately seeks to find her father.

Bethany told ITV news: “”I will keep fighting and pushing and pushing them and make their lives Hell until they give us the answers we want.”

They will now be sent to Virginia to stand trial for terror offences, where it is expected they will face the death penalty.