AFTER months of uncertainty, two Rangers-mad pensioners who were told to take down their team’s flags have been allowed to fly them again.

The two men are next door neighbours in council owned sheltered housing in Troon. But South Ayrshire Council ordered their beloved Rangers’ flags to be removed from outside their homes in July after concerns were raised by passers by. Now, the council have “backtracked” and permitted the flags again.

Duncan Adams, 74 and Joe Stirling, 71, were left worrying what council bosses would say after a saga ensued from initially being asked to take their flags down.

Duncan’s son, Colin Adams, is furious at what his dad has had to go through at his age and says he was made to feel intimidated.

Colin said: “This whole thing has caused nothing but stressed out two elderly people. We had a meeting this week and that was the first they’ve actually met with us.

“They’ve backtracked, it was a ‘complaint’ at first, now it was a ‘concern’ because nothing was in writing. They told us to go ahead and put our flags up.

“It’s just ridiculous, someone in their 70s has been intimidated, been told to remove them immediately, and now getting told that was just a standard letter. And now there’s not even been an apology or nothing.”